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    In 2016, several homebuilders began constructing premium branded communities in Hongeun-dong, a neighborhood in Seoul that has recently become quite popular. Hongeun-dong’s popularity grew to such an extent that when the Doosan We’ve apartment complex opened in early 2016, it attracted fifteen times more buyers than available houses and all of the houses quickly sold out. Seohee Starhills was also inundated with an influx of inquiries and purchases when the builder started marketing the newly built community in August of 2016. The model homes were always over-crowded with prospective buyers that led to frustratingly long wait times. The homebuilders provided an online appointment system, but it didn’t work quite as well as they had hoped because of the sheer volume of interest and, as a result, they couldn’t ease the situation. The homebuilders were in dire need of a solution to improve the experience for their clients.


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    Construction period: Aug.2016 ~ Aug.2017

    • Construction type: Newly built premium condominium
    • Square feet per house: 1,200 ft² ( 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms)
    • Cameras in use: SONY mirrorless camera + Sigma 8mm fisheye lens
    • # of 360° photos: 54 (stitched in Autopano)
    • Why Cupix?
      • Ability to control the photo quality
      • Cupix doesn’t claim copyright of photos
      • PFast technical support

    Self-qualified model home visitors and 20% faster in closing deals

    “Online visitors felt they were present in the model home because Cupix’s 3D virtual tour gives viewers a much more immersive experience than other traditional virtual tour tools.”, said YunJung Choi, the marketing manager, Seohee. “Also, it was a way more effective media than other marketing materials like flyers or tour videos in terms of qualifying sales leads and filtering out less serious buyers. More than a quarter of model home visitors had already checked 3D virtual tours online, and so they were well educated and specific about what they needed to make sure of in person. The benefits are manifold. As a builder, we were able to provide buyers with a greater experience and help them save time when shopping for the right home. The lead quality of actual model home visitors was much better, and so we could close deals 20~25% faster than the past.”